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Image      Manti


500 g or 3 3/4 cups flour, 1 kg mutton or beef, 100 g (3-4 oz.) mutton fat, 500 g (18 oz. ) onions, 1 egg, salt, black pepper.  

Finely chop meat and onions, mix well, and add salt and spices. Make stiff dough out of flour, eggs, salt , and water, let stand for 10 min. Roll out dough into flat layer about 1-2 mm (1/20 in.) and cut into 10x10 cm (4x4 in.) squares. Place a tablespoon of filling and a piece of chopped fat in the center of each square, pinch edges up around the filling forming rectangular or triangular dumplings. Place manti on greased layer of steamer, and steam 45 min. Serve in bowls, top sour cream and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.


 Image     Tajik Plov

 Plov is the most popular traditional tajik dish. It is usually cooked at weddings, funerals andother special occasions where lots of people must be full-fed up with non-expensive yet deliciousdish.

Ingredients- Back leg of a fat lamb (or any boneless fat red meat that is beef, turkey, etc).- Carrots, onions, garlic.- White short grain rice (or any rice sorts except for half-finished like ďUncle BenísĒ).- Unrefined cotton oil (or refined sunflower oil, corn oil).- Various dried herbs such as basil, cumin, red and black pepper seeds, coriander, etc. for goodflavour.


DirectionsPour one pint of oil into the pan and heat it at high heat until it starts bubbling (~5min). Slice themeat into 2-4 ounce pieces (donít break bones, if any) and fry it in the boiling oil while the lid isopen until slightly roasted. Stir if necessary but not much (~10min). Salt the meat, close the lid,reduce the heat to medium then let it stew for a while (~10-30min). This interval should dependon type of the meat that is beef needs more time while poultry needs less. Chop onions (2lbs),garlic (1 clove) and carrots (2lbs). Onions and garlic should be chopped crosswise forming thincircles and carrots lengthwise forming long narrow pieces of square section. Put onions thencarrots into the pan forming two layers. Stew it at medium-high heat under closed lid until carrotis soft and flexible (~20min). Donít stir much. Prepare the rice (2-3lbs) by rinsing it in coldwater if necessary. Pour the rice into the pan forming a hillock then carefully spread it to thesides. Donít press it down to the bottom. Very carefully pour the boiling water(2-3Pt) on the rice. Donít stir. Rice should be covered by water by one inch. Boil the rice at highheat then medium-high under closed lid until water disappears from the surface. Then put spicesinto the sieve, close it and stick it into the rice along with unpeeled whole cloves of garlic (3-4Pieces). Make several vertical puncture holes in rice so that the steam could go through it upfrom the bottom. Let it stew at low-medium heat (20-30min). Then remove the sieve and stir thedish thoroughly. Rice should absorb juices so let it stand for 10-15 min before serving.


Serving Put the whole dish on a big plate, chop the meat to smaller pieces and put it atop. Pour choppedparsley, leek, dill and pomegranate grains. The dish is usually served with green salad containingradish and cucumber dressed by some vegetable oil.


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